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Pride Pet Door Screen Adaptor

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Pride Pet Door Screen Adaptor


Pride Pet Door Screen Door Adapter detail

The Pride Screen Adaptor is an optional piece that adapts yours Pride Door to a Screen mounted model. This adapter allows the pet door to be mounted in either bottom corner of a sliding screen door. It will attach to the sliding door frame on two sides...while attaching to the screen on the other two side.

This adapter is not a complete screen pet door and must be used with the corresponding Pride Pet Door frame size. This screen door adapter is universally designed to be installed on the bottom left or right hand side of your screen door due to the screen spline on both sides of this adapter. The overall thickness of your screen door frame cannot exceed 1/2" thick in order for this screen mounting flange to fit properly. If your screen frame exceeds 1/2" thick you could cut one side of the mounting flange off to convert it into an L shape that could be attached to one side of your screen door.


Note: The Pride Pet Door security panel will protrude 1/2" from the front of the pet door towards the inside of your home. Please ensure this 1/2" protrusion will not interfere with your sliding glass patio door. If the security panel protrudes enough to interfere with the sliding glass door you can remove the security panel slide grooves by drilling out the rivets that hold it in place. Security panels do not necessarily have to be used for screen doors since the glass sliding door will act as a security panel when closed.

Pride Pet Door Screen Door Adapter hardware detail


Pride Pet Door screen adapter can be installed on either side of your sliding screen door. The Screen door adapter is not a complete screen pet door and is intended to have the Pride pet door frames installed into this adapter.
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Pride Pet Door Screen Adaptor