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PetSafe UltraSonic Remote Collarless Trainer (PUPT-100-19)

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PetSafe UltraSonic Remote
Trainer PUPT-100-19

The PetSafe UltraSonic Remote Trainer PUPT-100-19 is a hand-held device that uses two (2) different tones for correcting and rewarding behavior. There is no collar needed with this trainer as it works on ultrasonic tones emitted from the hand-held transmitter. It has an effect range of 30 ft. so it can be used indoors as well as outdoors when in close proximity to your pet.

Note: There is no collar with this trainer, the tones (Corrective and reward) that are emitted and audible by your dog. Very effective for close range training and works well indoors as a communicative device.

Owners Manual
Installation Instructions in PDF format
(Adobe Reader Required)
Get Adobe Reader Here

Unique Features:
Collarless system, works with any dog within earshot
30 ft.
2 Tones
H20 Proof
Recommend for:
All Dogs
Average Temperament

Ships same business day if placed prior to 2:30 pm CST
No Receiver Collar required Uses an ultrasonic tone for correcting unwanted behavior Uses a positive tone for rewarding good behavior 30-foot range For use indoors and outdoors Uses a 9-volt alkaline battery (not included) Manual included Limited Lifetime Warranty Transmitter Specs: Height: 6" Width: 1.5" Depth: 1" Weight: 3.5 oz. Frequency: 20 kHz Red light on face Pop off battery cover and belt clip on back The Positive Tone can be heard by humans

PetSafe UltraSonic Remote Collarless Trainer