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SportDog YardTrainer SD-105 Remote Trainer

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SportDog YardTrainer
Model SD-105

The SportDog YardTrainer SD-105 is designed for use with dogs of all sizes. With a range of up to 100 yards, the SportDog YardTrainer is ideal for training your companion in the back yard or local dog park. This remote trainer features a tone button as well as a static stimulation setting. The tone setting will emit a sonic stimulation, while the static stimulation will emit an electronic impulse. There are 8 levels of static correction available, depending on your dog's temperament. Both lightweight and easy to use, the SportDog YardTrainer is a great option for dog owners with little to no experience using a remote dog trainer.

Note:This same model is available for stubborn dogs also, see the SportDOG SD-105S

SportDog YardTrainer SD-105 - Accessories
Collars below are compatible
this trainer is not expandable for use with more than one dog

SDR-FC Receiver Collar
SDR-FC Receiver Collar

Low/High Correction
Mossy Camo
2.8 oz

SDR-CH Receiver Collar
SDR-CH Receiver Collar

Low/High Correction
Wood Camo
8 oz

3-Volt CR2032 Battery
3-Volt CR2032 Battery

The transmitter and receiver use 3-volt CR2032 replaceable batteries.

SportDOG YardTrainer SD-105

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Unique Features:
Basic beginners trainer for dogs of all sizes
100 yards
Static, Tone
8 Static
H20 Proof
Recommend for:
All Dogs
Average Temperament

SportDOG Product
100 yard range Tone button 8 stimulation levels Low battery detector on both the transmitter and the receiver Both transmitter and receiver come with replaceable lithium ion batteries Receiver collar is waterproof Transmitter is water resistant Lifetime limited warranty

The SportDog YardTrainer comes complete with all of the following:
Remote transmitter
Collar receiver
Replaceable lithium ion batteries
Long contact points
Test light
Owner's manual

SportDog YardTrainer SD-105
Remote Dog Trainer