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PetSafe ScatMat

$61.99 - $66.99
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Petsafe ScatMat

Restrict Pet Access | Pet Proofing

This Petsafe ScatMat is designed to deter pets from unwanted areas you designate. Once the pet steps onto the Scat Mat, a static pulse is engaged, indicating an "off limit" area your pet will quickly realize. Scat Mats are a humane way to prevent your pets from shedding, scratching, spraying or destroying a protected area of your home. The Petsafe ScatMat can operate up to 6 months with the use of one 9-Volt Battery (not included)

Pet proof your home today with the use of a reliable, high quality pet ScatMat. Don't question whether your pet is on the couch or not, know for sure! Petsafe ScatMats are available in 3 sizes, 60 x 12", 48 x 20", and 30 x 16".
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Pricing starts at: $61.99
Deter Pets from Accessing Certain Areas Effective, Humane, Static Shock Operates up to 6 Months off Single 9-Volt Battery Transparent Material Blends into Environment Three Size: 30" x 16", 48" x 20" and 60" x 12"

Petsafe ScatMat