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  • 2 Point Control Leash

    2 Point Control Leash

    DISCOURAGES LEASH PULLING: The PetSafe Two Point Control Leash is designed to provide you with more control and reduce leash pulling when used with th…

  • CozyUp™Sofa Ramp

    CozyUp™Sofa Ramp

    CozyUp™Sofa Ramp If your dog or cat isn’t quite tall enough to reach the couch, or if you want to help protect their joints, the CozyUp&re…

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  • Crystal Litter 2pk

    Crystal Litter 2pk

    Crystal Litter Kitty Litter   The ScoopFree® Premium Blue Crystal Litter 2-Pack is low tracking and 99% dust-free, which means you can do a w…

  • EasySport Harness

    EasySport Harness

    Description This one goes out to our most athletic dogs. Our running buddies, our camping partners, our kayaking pals and our furry copilots. We saw t…

    $19.99 - $29.99
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  • Gentle Leader Headcollar

    Gentle Leader Headcollar

    Description If your dog lunges and jumps when he sees squirrels (and sniffs other dogs), the Gentle Leader® Headcollar is the perfect solution for…

    $42.99 - $44.99
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  • Grip and Tug Toy

    Grip and Tug Toy

    The PetSafe® Grip ‘n’ Tug provides you and your dog with a safe yet satisfying tugging experience. Winner of the 2018 PATS Sandown New…

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  • Happy Ride™ Dog Zipline

    Happy Ride™ Dog Zipline

    The PetSafe® Happy Ride™ Dog Zipline allows your dog a safer view while on the go. The zipline is simple to install and works with your Happ…

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  • Healthy Pet Water Station

    Healthy Pet Water Station

    Description The PetSafe Healthy Pet Water Station will revolutionize your pet’s drinking water and your home environment. Your pet gets fresh wa…

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  • Infini-Tug


    The PetSafe Infini-Tug Dog Toy provides you and your dog with a fun playtime experience. The durable braided fleece tug is approximately 45 inches in …

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  • Keep Safe Collar

    Keep Safe Collar

    Description Designed to prevent dogs from getting entangled by their collars, the KeepSafe Break-Away Collar has a patented break-away safety buckle t…

  • Laser Tail

    Laser Tail

    The floor just became a lot more fun thanks to the PetSafe Laser Tail Automatic Laser Light Cat Toy! This mobile laser toy moves around the floor whil…

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  • Mini Treat Pouch Sport Black

    Mini Treat Pouch Sport Black

    The Mini Treat Pouch contains the same features as the Treat Pouch Sport, but is 25% smaller! Complete with handy pockets, waterproof and stain-resist…

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  • PetSafe 2-Meal Feeder

    PetSafe 2-Meal Feeder

    PetSafe 2-Meal Automatic Feeder Dimensions: 7 3/4"L x 10"W x 3 1/4"HPortion Size: 1.5 Cups / 340 ml   The PetSafe 2-Meal Automatic Feeder is the …

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