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In-Glass vs. Patio Inserts

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MaxSeal In-Glass Pet Doors

Choosing Between MaxSeal In-Glass Pet Doors
& Patio Pet Door Inserts

MaxSeal is the leading brand of Security Boss Manufacturing, an American company that has been producing pet door solutions for more than four decades. The products offered under the MaxSeal brand include in-glass pet doors as well as inserts for patio doors. The following are explanations of these products as well as recommendations for pet owners.

In essence, in-glass pet doors are permanent solutions that require installation. Pet door inserts, on the other hand, do not require installation and are more likely to be temporary solutions. In situations where retaining as much insulation as possible is a must, you will probably want an in-glass pet door over a pet door insert; however. When in-glass pet doors are professionally installed, they do not interfere with the door structure at all.

Pet Door Options For Sliding Glass Doors Vs French Doors

Patio pet door inserts are only useful with sliding glass doors. Many homeowners in Florida and other states where properties have covered lanais and as well as sliding doors equipped with screens for insect control, pet door inserts are reasonable solutions.

In the case of French doors with traditional hinge mechanisms, in-glass pet doors are the only solution unless the bottom panel is large enough to accommodate a traditional pet door. With sliding glass doors, the choice is yours with regard to installing an in-glass door or setting up a patio pet door insert.

In-Glass Pet Door Benefits

Whenever possible, you will want to install a permanent solution congruent with the door structure; to this effect, in-glass pet doors offer greater benefits. You will always be able to operate and lock your sliding glass door as usual, and you will not have to make any compromises with regard to the view. If your sliding glass door provides a nice view of the water or a nature preserve, an in-glass pet door will not be obstructive. Permanent pet doors can actually be more attractive to prospective buyers who are also pet owners.

Patio Pet Door Insert Benefits

Measuring pet door inserts is easy; just be sure to account for the clearance of the inside bottom channel all the way to the top. You can choose from various pet door mechanisms including flaps, hinged barriers, and saloon-style doors. Inserts are easy to mount in place, and most of them feature an aesthetic that will match the look of the glass door and in some cases enhance it.

Cost Of Pet Door Glass Inserts

In general, a patio pet door insert will cost less than in-glass doors, but this will depend on the thickness of the materials, the pet door mechanism, the size of the entry, and how much insulation is required. Inserts do not require professional installation, so this will not add to the costs; in-glass pet doors, however, will require cutting and replacement of existing glass panes, which means that contracting costs should be added.

Find Glass Pet Doors At Moore Pet Supplies

Moore Pet Supplies offers a diverse catalog of MaxSeal pet doors. Our goal is to provide convenience for those who own large and small dogs. We also keep an updated database of contractors who can help you with in-glass pet door installation.

Contact our office today to learn more about our products, installation details, and the ordering process. Let us make your next dog door a perfect match for your pet, and a luxurious addition to your home.



In Glass Option
MaxSeal In-Glass Pet Doors
Patio Pet Door Insert
Inwserts for sliding glass doors / Patio Doors
1. Contact a local glass company. Measure the glass being replaced. Order new glass panel that has proper notch for the pet door.

2. Purchase In-Glass Pet door yourself or through authorized glass dealer.

3. Ordered glass takes approx. 10 business days to arrive. Glass dealer will install glass & selected pet door.

4. Total Cost varies by region, from $600.00 to $1500 or more, depending on size of pet door.
1. Measure your sliding door opening - from inside bottom channel to inside of top channel ( accurately).


2. Select pet opening while placing order.

3. Patio Inserts usually arrive in 4-6 business days from time of order.

4. Pricing can range from less than $200 for Single Pane units and can reach up to over $800 for Dual Pane models.

1. : Lock your sliding glass door as you would normally prior to the In-Glass pet door installation.

2. The specialized low-profile exterior frame of the pet door allows the sliding door full range of motion.

3. You retain full view of your sliding glass doors. The In-Glass pet door is mounted in the bottom corner and is not intrusive to your view.

All In-Glass Pet Door Options

1. Quick easy install by customer. Take out of package and set in opening.

2. Can be a low cost pet door option.

3. Can also be a temporary option for renters or pet sitters.

Pet Door Options for Sliding Glass Doors

IN Glass Installers Nationwide | Do It Yourself

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