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Ideal Modular Patio Pet Door / Regular (Small)

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Ideal Modular "Two-Piece" Patio Pet Door (Small)

Height Range - 77 5/8" to 80 3/8"
Pet opening: 5"w x 7"h
*Step Over Rise 2 1/2"

The Ideal Modular Pet patio Pet Door is designed for cats and dogs. The panel has safety glass and an adjustable, spring loaded top section that makes it easy to put in and take out. It works very well for the homeowner or renter who wants to give access to their pet and utilize the 4-way locking system.  These units can be installed and left in or removed frequently.  The Modular design makes this unit easy to store and transport.

The pet door in this insert is made from flexible vinyl and includes a locking panel.
Ideal Pet Products Authorized Retailer

For date certain delivery contact us at 1-800-829-7876
Patio insert is available in White & Mill (Aluminum) Complete weatherstripping is included with the insert. The step-over rise on this model is 2 1/2", easy enough for any cat or small dog
All Ideal Pet Product returns incur a 20% restocking fee

Ideal Pet Patio Pet Door Installation Instructions

Release automatic height adjustment by turning knobs located near the top of the panel counter-clockwise and pressing. Height adjustment panel should fully extend upward (pull upon the panel if necessary).Open sliding glass/screen door insert panel with knobs facing inside. Place top edge into top track of sliding glass/screen door. Lift up and swing lower portion of panel either onto ridge, in bottom inside track or screen track.

Slide the panel against door jamb and make sure that top is fully extended, not tilted to one side.

Hand-tighten knobs by turning clockwise to lock the panel in place.
To permanently install, you may screw through the aluminum fins that protrude on the existing frame of your door. Drill through the fins into the panel. Install two screws in the top and two in the side by the bottom of the panel. Do not put any screws into the frame by the glass as breakage may occur.
Optional permanent placement for fixed panel sliding door. Remove screws that hold fixed glass panel in place and slide over. Insert the panel and re-fasten fixed glass panel.
Installing Security Lock (Optional)

(Placement Options-see above)
With sliding door in closed position, place lock in desired location and bolt in the retraced position, pointed toward the sliding glass door or stationary window rail. Leave approximately 1/8” clearance between bolt tip and aluminum rail.
Holding lock firmly in place, mark screw holes and center of bolt in rail of sliding door or stationary window.
Drill two 5/32” holes for mounting screws and a 3/8” hole for locking bolt. Caution: Do not drill into glass.
With sliding door in the closed position (with patio door installed), mark position for second set of holes.
Repeat above instructions Caution: Do not drill into glass.

 Weather Stripping Placement

There are two pieces of weather stripping included in this package. A thin, wide draft-stopper with an adhesive strip that attaches to the back side of the sliding door that extends to the glass of the fixed window.
The other thin piece of weather stripping is the foam bumper, also with an adhesive backing, it attaches to the panel to provide a better seal when the sliding door closes against the panel.

Ideal Modular Patio Pet Door / Small
Pet Opening: 5"w x 7"h
Adjustment Range: 77 5/8 - 80 3/8