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Extensions for Gates

Pet Gate Extensions

In an ideal world, pet gates would not be required, but there comes a time when you need to keep dogs, particularly puppies, in a separate part of the house. We all know that biting and destroying things are important aspects of canine development, but we may not always be able to be there to say “no” when this happens, and this is when gates come in handy. As puppies grow, they become stronger and more agile, thus being more likely to find a way to cross the gate until they are properly trained to stay in place.

Extensions For All Major Gate Manufacturers

Gate extensions allow you to increase the width or the height of a gate. You will find that when you add your gate choice to the basket on our site, there will be the associated gate extensions that are designed for that selected gate model. If you already have a gate and need to modify it using an extension, we clearly post which extensions go with each gate model.

At Moore Pet Supplies, we offer A wide variety of gate extensions for all major gate manufacturer brands. All our gate extensions are arranged by height and width, can be easily attached, and the necessary installation instructions included. Here are some of our more popular extensions:

Extension For The Custom Automatic Close Gate

With this extension, you can add 24 inches to kidco custom automatic gate, which you can easily configure into a playpen or as a barrier for a staircase. the automatic closing function is provided by a magnetic locking system.

Extension For The Xpandagate

If you have already installed an xpandagate by cardinal gates, you can extend it by 15 more inches with this product, and there is no limit as to how many sections you can attach in order to gain maximum enclosure.

Bx-1 Extension

This extension will work with the mg-15 and SS30 models made by cardinal gates. The BX-1 extension is meant to be attached to one side of the ss30 or mg-15, and it will enlarge the gate by 10.5 inches. only one extension can be installed with these models.

Learn More About Gate Extensions From Moore Pet Supplies

For more than two decades, Moore Pet Supplies has been doing business for the benefit of pet owners who prefer the convenience of online shopping. Should you have any questions about our gate extensions or about the ordering process, please feel free to contact our office.