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BX-12 12.5 Gate Width Extension

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BX-12 Gate Width Extension

For MG-25 Model Gates

The BX-12 Gate Width Extension can be simply attached to the side of your existing gate
(Model Duragate Pet Gate MG-25 only) to provide you with greater width coverage.

Duragate Pet Gate MG-25
(BX-12 Extension Info)

Note: Only 1 - BX-12 Gate width extension can be added to a gate unit
Gate Width
Spans Using
Extension Combination
Base Gate unit
26.5" - 41.5"
No Additional extensions
41.5" - 54"
Add optional BX12 Extension

Adding the BX-12 Extension extends your gate width:
Extends gate to fit 41 1/2" to 54"

MG-25 with BX-12 Gate Width Extension

Note:Items returned before 30 days will be accepted without charge. Items returned within 30 to 60 days are subject to a 15% restocking fee. Returns are not accepted after 60 days.
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Cardinal Gates Extension Information

BX-12 12.5" Gate Width Extension