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Custom MaxSeal French Door Pet Door

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Custom MaxSeal French Door Pet Doors

For French Pane Style Doors

The MaxSeal French doors can be removed at a later time to re-install the pane of glass if you wish (excluding those that cut into the door itself). All components of the pet door are replaceable so that your door can be maintained indefinitely. These doors are of impeccable quality, rated to be among the best pet doors made. They provide a perfect seal and the best insulation. All Security Boss products are hand built to order.

MaxSeal French Door Model MaxSeal French Door Example

MaxSeal French Doors are made to order to fit the opening created by your existing panes of glass. You can replace one or more panes of glass to make room for a pet door. Some customers even will enlarge the opening by cutting into the side or footer of the door.
For more info see Installation Variations

These doors are ordered based on the opening that they will be installed into. If you are replacing one pane of glass, simply measure the exposed glass as you see it; (This will be the opening that the pet door is installed to). If you want a larger pet door than the size panes in your door, simply measure the opening you will have (more than one pane or larger due to cutting into the side or bottom of door).

Special Note: Your French pet door will have a flap size that is 2" smaller in width & height. (Due to the frame of the door itself). If you measure your pane of glass as 10"w x 10"h, then your pet door will have a flap that measures approx. 8"w x 8"h.

Important Notes:
 1. If you have a single panel of glass with faux partitions in your door, do not attempt to cut the glass.  Most all doors (Unless very old) are made with safety glass.  If you attempt to cut it, the glass will shatter
  2. These doors are custom made. You will be emailed a custom sign off release that you understand these are custom made an non-refundable. Make sure of your measurements or call us for assistance.
 3. Our Pet Door Experts are here to assist in anyway we can, however, the customer bears ultimate responsibility for ordering the correct item and installing properly in the appropriate door.

For combination colored doors
please call us at 1-800-829-7876 (No Extra Charge)


MaxSeal French Door
Pet Door Information

Security Boss Manufacturing LLC is dedicated to providing products that operate beyond expectations and provide the customer with long years of satisfaction. Our products are designed so that you can maintain your pet door indefinitely.
MaxSeal French Door - Custom Made to Customer SpecificationsMaxSeal French Door

Custom Made Pet Doors
for French Doors

Made in USA

All French Door Units all come standard with an insulated locking Security Panel, Choice of White or Black.

Square Inch Range
(width & height of opening)
Single Flap model
Dual Flap model

Note: French doors with Rough Cut Dimensions LARGER than 17.75"w x 33.75" h, require a 10 day fabrication period.

The Minimum Rough Cut Dimension that theses doors can be made to is 5.5" in width or height.

We also offer doors that are LARGER than shown on the above chart; please call us at 1-800-829-7876 for assistance.

Important Notice: Custom Made doors are built to the customer's specifications.
They are non-refundable & non-returnable.
These doors ARE covered under the manufacturer's warranty.

Custom Doors require 3-5 days for fabrication then ships via UPS.
If you need a door in a specific time frame, please call us.

Note: Custom doors with Rough Cut Dimensions LARGER than 17.75"w x 33.75" h,
require a 10 day fabrication period.

The Minimum Rough Cut Dimension that these doors can be made to is 5.5" in width or height.

A specification / data sheet will be kept on file for reference with Moore Pet Supplies LLC & Security Boss Manufacturing LLC for any future replacement parts that may need to be ordered.

Installtion Sequence for Installing a Pet Door into French Pane Doors

Measuring for & Installing your French Door Pet Door is very simple. (You must have individual -removable panes of glass. You cannot cut an opening into a single-solid pane of glass, your entire door glass will shatter as doors are made with Tempered-Safety glass.)


Step A: Measure the exposed glass pane as you see it; without removing the molding. The door made for you will have a flap that is 2" smaller in width & height. (Make sure this resulting flap size will be large enough for your pet.)


Step B: Remove the molding around the selected pane of glass where the pet door will be installed. (If you are using more than one pane, remove molding around area.).

Step C: Remove the pane of glass and put the molding back around the opening (without glass pane).

Step D: Your pet door comes apart into 2-frames. These frames sandwich the opening and adjust to the molding thickness. Drill pilot holes for screws (the 2-frames each have a lips that glide over each other to adjust to the molding thickness. Where these two lips overlap is where the pilot holes are drilled). Put screws into pilot holes and tighten.

Note: you may at a later time remove the pet door and re-install the pane of glass.

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Custom Made Pet Doors
Replaces one or More French Door Panes
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