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Pet Door Solutions for Renters

Jun 29th 2020

Pet Door Solutions for Renters

Pet Doors For Rental Homes and Apartments

Would you like to give your pet the liberty of coming in and out of the house without the hassle of having to open the door for them each time? At Moore Pet Supplies, we specialize in designing and manufacturing Pet Doors in order to bring your pet the luxury of going outside and back inside when they please.

Most pet owners have a small door frame within their door or a small screen door for their pets to go through. When you are renting a house or an apartment this might not be practical, because your landlord might be opposed to you making a permanent change to their door. Customers who rent apartments, or homes, are limited most times to where the dog door can be installed. Luckily enough, at Moore Pet Supplies, we have come up with Pet Door Solutions for Renters so that both you and your pet can be happy.

Through the wall pet doors are almost always out of the question, and even some renters require the door to be replaced before installing a door-mounted dog door. Doors or walls are the most commonplace to install a pet door. If wall and door mount dog doors aren’t an option we would recommend window and patio pet door inserts.

Doggie Door Alternatives

Window Pet Doors

These window pet door inserts are temporarily installed into the same track of the sliding window. Window inserts are available for sash and side loading windows. The sash window insert installation process is similar to installing a window air conditioner, or fan, but with a fraction of the hassle due to the lightweight construction, and simple spring-loaded side extension design. Side sliding window inserts feature spring-loaded extensions at the top of the insert that keeps the insert stable in place. These window pet door inserts can be installed, and uninstalled, in a matter of seconds.

Window Inserts are perfect for cats, for they can crawl and jump easily into these spaces. In fact, you may prefer a window insert over a pet door because window inserts decrease the chances of wild animals or dirt coming into your home.

Sliding Screen Dog Door and Patio Pet Door Inserts

The Sliding Glass Dog Door inserts, much like the window pet door inserts, can be installed in no time at all! The top extension of the patio insert is spring-loaded, keeping the insert stable and secure. The sliding glass door closes onto the patio insert creating a good weather seal. Patio inserts are available in single and dual paned. Single paned patio inserts are temporarily installed while dual-paned patio inserts require mounting brackets to be permanently affixed. Dual paned patio inserts can be uninstalled and removed but would require more time and effort than single-paned patio inserts.

The Sliding Glass Pet Door works exactly like patio panels or sliding glass doors, making it ideal for pets. If you have an extra large German Shepherd, then this kind of pet product might be the best option, because it allows your pet to move easily without any constraints.

Window and Patio Pet Door inserts are available in manual and electronic pet door models. These windows and patio pet door inserts are available in a wide range of widths and heights to accommodate the majority of tracks on the market!

Shop For Temporary Dog Door Installs At Moore Pet Supplies

At Moore Pet Supplies, we are constantly striving to bring you and your pet comfort and convenience through our line of products and services. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out. Contact us and our team of experts will assist you.

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