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May 29th 2020

MaxSeal Brick Wall Installation Guide

MaxSeal Pet Door

Brick Wall Installation Overview

The MaxSeal wall mounted pet doors are ideal for installation through any type of wall.  The self-framing tunnel is made from one solid piece of aluminum.  There are no seams for moisture seepage and the inherent strength allows for minimal framing in the wall itself.  (Other wall mounted pet doors require self framing of the tunnel opening to help support tunnel kits).

For purposes of illustration, these images represent the installation process
for typical brick sided homes.

You will begin by cutting the drywall on the interior side of your wall specified for the size pet door you have purchased.  Before cutting; locate the studs - us a common Stud-Finder found at any local hardware store).  Remove any insulation found between the studs. 

Note: If you are installing a very large pet door you may need to t-off a stud.  Studs are normally 16" on center - 14" apart.  

Often you will find fiber board or similar material that will need to be removed as well.

This next picture shows a drill with a long bit that was used from the inside to drill in the four corners through the brick to mark the corners for the outside cut. Using a level, mark off the rectangle using the drilled holes.

 A masonry saw is recommended to cut the sides, top and bottom out. This customer also rented a reciprocating saw (Saws all) to trim the corners. Use a hammer to bust out the brick.  If you are not comfortable with this part of the procedure, then we suggest using a Handy Man Service (Often found in the Yellow Pages).



Your MaxSeal  pet door comes in two sections. The self-framing tunnel is attached to the inside portion of the pet door. After the hole in the wall is done, caulk the frame on the inside and push the tunnel through from the inside and trim any access with tin snips.


The exterior section of the pet door sleeves into the metal tunnel (Covers the cut edge - no sharp edges) and is attached to the tunnel with screws provided. The proper size drill bit for this step is included with the installation material.  Lastly, caulk around the perimeter of the exterior frame.

A section of carpet is also included and may be used to line the metal tunnel to finish off the door nicely. We recommend using some type of silicone based adhesive so it can be easily removed for cleaning or replaced if necessary.

All MaxSeal Pet Doors come with an insulated security panel that provides the very best in protection.