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May 29th 2020

Manual Pet Doors versus Electronic Pet Doors | Pros & Cons

In many cases customers have to weigh the options of choosing the correct type of door function in their situation they currently have. Sometimes this can be a little harder than you think because new pet owners or pet owners that have never bought a pet door might not know what situations are best suited with what pet door. This is where Moore Pet Supplies customer service comes into play to help with this predicament.

Electronic Pet Doors

If you absolutely have to control pet access with what pets go in and out of the house youll absolutely need an electronic pet door . There is no way to regulate this efficiently with a manually pet door. There are all kinds of different technologies that exist today with electronics and this remains true with electronic pet doors as well. For example, you can have an electronic pet door that activates via a magnet tag, or via a RFID tag. There are pet doors that activate via the implanted microchip that is in your pet. As well some pet doors will give you your pets location if whether they're outside or inside. Also you will have electronic pet doors that are raccoon proof and not raccoon proof. If you have problems with raccoons you'll definitely need to get a raccoon proof door as raccoons are more intelligent than what we give them credit for with them trying to intrude into your home. They will find a way to break a pet door that is not raccoon proof. An electronic pet door is a great choice for controlling pet access while keeping out certain other animals and pests. These are the main advantages of an electronic pet door versus a manual door.

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Manual Pet Doors

If weather insulation is an important feature for you then a manual pet door might be your answer. Manual pet doors usually come in a single flap or a double-flap model that offer far and above better weather insulation than any electronic pet door on the market. Electronic pet doors are simply not made to insulate from weather and will never perform well under these circumstances. Generally manual pet doors will last longer because there are no moving parts except the flaps and are more durable with less maintenance required for them. A manual pet door also generally comes in a wide more variety of sizes compared to electronic doors. You will have a limited selection of what you can purchase if you have a large dog if you're trying to purchase an electronic pet door. With a manual pet door you'll have a much bigger variety to suit your needs. Some customers also worry about someone breaking into their home through their pet door or possibly having a pest problem as well because its an open part of the home now. These are generally not problems at all. If you have a pet door big enough for a person to fit through, you have to think of the situation from the intruders point-of-view. Do you really want to stick your head into a pet door with a dog on the other side and possibly cause the dog to bark or attack you? Also in most causes if you don't already have raccoon problems, you wont have any after a manual pet door is installed because a raccoon can detect your pets scent. And they generally will stay away from that area because they will treat it as a predator.
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In summary, if you absolutely have to control pet access while keeping out other animals and pests an electronic door is your answer. If you have to have great weather insulation and the variety of different sizes then you'll want to go with a manual pet door.

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