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Extra Large Dog Doors for Big Dogs

Posted by team on Jun 23rd 2021

Extra Large Dog Doors for Big Dogs

Extra Large Dog Doors for Big Dogs

I have four dogs. What can I say, to me, dogs are like potato chips, you can’t have just one! I tell people I have three big dogs and then my little dog who is a 90 pound German Shepherd dog. Well, compared to my two Irish Wolfhounds and the Newfoundland who all top out above 150 pounds, 90 pounds IS little. Like most little dogs, she is the boss of the entire crew, but I digress. My point is I know what it is like to look for pet products for big dogs. Sometimes, they can be very hard to find. However, if you are looking for a Dog Door for Big Dogs, then look no further than Moore Pet Supplies. They have a big selection of Dog Door for Large Dogs to choose from, so you are sure to find the right one for you and your big furry friend.

Whether you need a Large Pet Door to go through your door, wall, window, storm door, French door, or patio pet door, Moore Pet Supplies has the Dog Door for Big Dogs to fit your exact situation. They will even customize a door if that is what you need. I personally like the Security Boss MaxSeal line of Dog Door for Large Dogs. They have different levels of insulation to choose from, but all come with a sturdy metal frame that holds up to the heavy use that large breed dogs can dole out. For me, that includes having more than one big dog attempt to go through the door at the same time! Believe me, that sort of abuse can quickly wreck a plastic framed pet door, but the Security Boss MaxSeal has held up perfectly for years. Even the flaps have lasted longer than any other pet door I have ever known.

One word of advice is to always look at the measurements, rather than just depend on a brand’s large pet door actually being big enough for your large dog. A Dog Door for Large Dogs can be a very different thing for different people. You should measure your large dog’s height at the shoulder and make sure that the opening for the pet door is at lease two inches above their shoulder when mounted at a comfortable rise (the part that they step over when going through the door). Another factor with a dog door for large dogs is that as your large dog ages, it may not be as easy for them to step over that rise. In their youth, a ten-inch rise may be easy, but maybe not so much as they grow older.

All of this may seem confusing when you are just getting started looking for your large pet door. If you need help deciding which dog door for big dogs is best for you, you can always call the friendly, knowledgeable customer service representatives at Moore Pet Supplies. They will help you go through your options and find the best dog door for large dogs for you and your large dog, even if your large dog is a little German Shepherd.