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Cat Doors for Windows, Doors and Walls

Posted by team on May 18th 2021

Cat Doors for Windows, Doors and Walls

Cat Doors for Windows, Doors and Walls

If your cat is like mine, it has a strong independent streak and can be very demanding. When my cat wants out, he wants out RIGHT now! Thankfully, I now have a Cat Door Window Insert from Security Boss Manufacturing. It was the best purchase I have ever made for my cat, Shadow. It was so easy to install and can also be easily removed, when needed. Shadow can go in and out as he pleases most of the time. If I do need to keep him in, I can slide in the locking security panel to block access to the cat flap.

I liked my window insert so much that I purchased a Cat Door Through Wall for my garage. I chose another Security Boss product, The MaxSeal through the wall install with dual flaps for extra insullation. It was another fairly easy install. Once the hole was cut in the wall to accommodate the Cat door through wall, the two pieces of the cat door just sandwiched together beautifully. It also comes with a locking security panel to block access.

The next purchase I am going to make is a Cat door through a door. I will use mine on the interior door to the laundry room where I keep my cat litter. Then I can keep the door closed and Shadow can still have access to use his litter box! How cool is that?

Both of my Security Boss cat doors are easy to maintain with replacement parts for things that wear out over time. I can get a Cat Door Replacement Flap when I need it. In fact, Moore Pet Supplies carries cat door replacement flaps in all of the major brands and sizes. So, if you have a Cat door needing replacement flaps, be sure to check them out!