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Posted by team on Jun 10th 2021

Cat Door Solutions

When you are cutting a hole in your wall or door to insert a pet door in your home, insulation is an important factor to consider. I live in Northern Minnesota and the winters get very cold so keeping the cold out in the dead of winter was important to me. Nobody wants to pay to heat and cool the exterior of their house. Choosing and Insulated Dog Door may cost a little more up front, but it will easily pay for itself in the heating and cooling loss savings. The best insulated pet door on the market is the Security Boss line of pet doors. They have an insulated dog door or insulated cat door for any installation whether for your door, wall, patio pet door, or even an insulated cat door for window.

In any pet door, the biggest heat and cooling loss is in the flap itself. The Security Boss Insulated pet doors address the heat and cooling loss in the flap using multiple methods. First of all, the pet flap itself is a high quality vinyl that hangs well and won’t shrink up in the cold weather. Next is the seal of the flap itself. The Security Boss Insulated pet doors use alnico magnets. These magnets are stronger and ensure the flap seals correctly every time. Then, there is the pile material that lines the flap again ensuring a great seal on the flap each time your cat or dog uses the insulated pet door. The final factor is the dual flap system. There is one flap on the inside and one on the outside creating an air gap between the flaps. This works similarly to your dual pane windows where the air gap itself creates a barrier of insulation between the flaps. Finally, if weather is really bad and you do not want to have your pets using the insulated pet door anyway, there is an insulated slide-in blocking panel for an additional layer of insulation when the pet door is not in use.

Another line of products from Security Boss Manufacturing include the window and patio pet door inserts with insulated pet doors in the panel. The insulated cat door for window models come in both sash (up and down) and side sliding window options. They also come in single pane or dual pane glass as well as single and double flap models. The most insulated model of insulated cat door would be the dual pane glass with the dual flap cat door combination. All of the combinations benefit from the same great features found in all of the Security Boss products including the quality flap materials, powerful alnico magnets, and high quality pile brush material that make these the best sealing pet door flaps on the market.

If you have any questions or need help picking the best insulated pet door option for your personal situation, please call our friendly, knowledgeable customer service representatives. They can help you choose the model and size of pet door that is the best for you and your pet.