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Cat Door for French Door  | Easy Home DIY Custom Pet Door Installation

Posted by team on May 10th 2021

Cat Door for French Door | Easy Home DIY Custom Pet Door Installation

Cat Door for French Door Installation

Now There is a Simple Home DIY Cat Door Kit for French Doors

If you have a French Door in your home that has individual panes of glass, nothing could be easier to install than the Security Cat Door for French Door. You simply remove the individual panes and sandwich together the Cat Door for French Door made to your specifications. Your cat will love their new-found freedom and you can be assured that if you do not want to allow your cat access, the door can easily be blocked off with the slide in locking panel.

The hardest part is to decide how big of an opening you need for your cat to go through and how many panes of glass that you need to remove in order to create that opening size. You will simply replace the glass panes with a  pet door for French doors from Security Boss Manufacturing. Keep in mind that the opening will be smaller than the space of the glass being removed because the frame of the pet door for French Doors takes up some of that space. Cat’s are good at squeezing through small spaces, but we want to make sure the cat door for French doors is comfortable for your cat whether they are of normal size or a bit on the hefty end.

Because deciding how many panes to remove can be complicated, we do encourage people to call and discuss their individual situation. Our friendly, knowledgeable customer service representatives can hels ensure you get the best pet door for your French door. You can also search on the Moore Pet Supplies website for the best  pet door installation near me to find a helpful installer to help with the whole process from ordering to the installation.