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4 Best Puppy Pens and Playpens For Your New Dog

Posted by team on Feb 25th 2021

4 Best Puppy Pens and Playpens For Your New Dog

We all know that young canines can be a handful; their amazing levels of hyperactivity, which can be pretty cute to observe, are part of their healthy development. For most pet owners, letting puppies run all around their properties the entire day is not always an option, and this is when crates often come into play, but they are not the best solution. Dog crates are mostly for temporary transport situations such as moving or taking pets to vet clinics, but they should not be overused.

Best Playpens for Puppies and New Dogs

When you need to confine puppies or new dogs that need to get used to a new environment, the best solution is to put them in playpens or convertible gates that serve as barriers. Here are some of our best-selling items in this regard:

Richell Convertible Pet Playpen

Richell Convertible Pet Playpen

This is an excellent playpen solution for pet owners who need to restrict movement of dogs in their homes and yards. The four-panel design of this pen can easily transform it from a pen to a gate, and one of the panels is a locking door that gives dogs easy access in and out of the enclosure. The durable plastic material can withstand constant biting. When fully extended, the gate will measure 87 inches; as a playpen, it measures 33 inches with a nice 36-inch height.

North States PetYard Passage

North States PetYard Passage

If you have larger breeds or an entire litter of puppies, this large playpen will provide an enclosure that can be as large as 34.4 square feet. You can convert this pet yard from a square playpen into a larger diamond-shape enclosure or even use it as a space divider; it even includes a pet gate with a plastic flap ideal for training dogs to use pet entry systems.

Richell Mobile Pet Pen 640

Richell Mobile Pet Pen

The hardwood frame of this playpen provides a nice aesthetic touch that is not commonly found in other pet enclosures; plus, its portable feature makes it very convenient, and you do not even have to lift it thanks to a set of casters at the bottom. Your floors are protected with a plastic base that can be removed for cleaning. This pet pen comes in a larger size ideal for dogs that weigh more than 18 pounds.

Cardinal Perfect Fit Pet Gate

Perfect Fit Pet Gate

This is the longest combination pet gate and playpen in our catalog; the wood and wire panel configuration allows you to set up a rectangular or hexagonal playpen along with a convenient door with a spring-loaded locking mechanism. The Perfect Fit gate is suitable for small to medium breeds.

Learn More About Dog Playpens

If you have questions about the kind of playpen or convertible gate that is right for specific breeds, ages, or living spaces, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our office. Moore Pet Supplies has been in business since the early days of internet commerce, and we can certainly answer questions about any of the products in our catalog