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Storm Door Pet Door

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Storm Door Pet Door | Thin Application Pet Door

Special Pet Doors for Storm Doors & Overhead Garage Doors

Single Flap Storm Door Pet Door


Fits Doors 1/4" to 2" thick Storm Doors with pet doors

Storm Door Pet Door

The Storm Door Pet Door is specially made to install into nearly all insulated storm door models on the market. This single flap door comes in 4 sizes to accommodate both cats and dogs from the smallest to very large dog breeds. A heavy duty, insulated security locking cover secures the door when you want it locked off. The pet door flaps are specially treated to be resistant to UV harmful rays and resistant to shrinking or yellowing.

This Storm Pet Door Model is also used in
Overhead Garage doors & other applications that are thinner than regular doors

Storm Doors with pet doors Installing a pet door for your cat or dog into a storm door is very similar
to the installation into a typical residential door. The main difference is that you will want to choose a pet door that will fit your storm door thickness

Storm doors come in varied styles, the most popular are the 'insulated' versions. The units tend to be 3/4" to 1 1/8" thick.....most often right around an 1" thick. The most easily found storm doors have 'panel designs' on the lower half of the door with a window for the top portion. Installing a dog door into this area of the storm door is particular attention should be made to the panel designs. Place the dog door where it will accommodate the dog not try to match panel designs as this will often result in the pet door being in an awkward location for your pet to use.

Notes: Optional High Wind Magnets are also available for customers who live in severe wind locations.


Storm Door
Pet Door

Self adjusts to fit doors 1/4" to 2" thick | Single Flap Model Pet Door
Flap Size
(w x h)
Cut in Door
(w x h)
Exterior Frame
(overall frame size)
(w x h)


(7"x 11")

9 3/16" x 12 13/16"
10 3/8" x 14 1/16"


(10.5" x 15")

12 11/16" x 16 13/16
13 13/16" x 18 1/16"


(13" x 20")

15 3/16" x 21 13/16"
16 3/8" x 23 1/16"

Extra Large

(15" x 23")

17 3/16" x 24 13/16"
18 3/8" x 26 1/16"

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Best Quality Door
for Storm Doors
4 Sizes
2 Colors
Fits 1/4" - 2"
Starts at $159.99
5 Star Rated Pet Door
The Glass Guru

Pricing starts at: $159.99
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Pet Door for Storm Doors & Overhead Garage Doors
Heavy Duty Aluminum Frame
Fits Doors 1/4" to 2" thick