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Self-Warming Pet Cot

$38.37 - $47.99
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Self-Warming Pet Cot

Easy to Assemble | Durable | No Electricity Required

Product Dimensions
25" L x 32" W x 7" H
30" L x 42" W x 7" H

Introducing the Self-Warming Pet Cot. This cot raises your pet off the ground, allowing air to circulate around your pet. This is an improved design of the innovative Original Pet Cot, with added self-warming technology. This is a perfect option for the cooler months. This cot is indoor/outdoor friendly and perfect for any cooler climate.

This cot raises your pet off the ground, which alleviates pressure on the joints while allowing air to flow around them. A self warming Sherpa center is made up of several layers which trap your pets body heat and reflects it back to them naturally. The frame is extremely sturdy and durable, holding up to 150 lbs, and the Sherpa's surround is made of durable 600-denier fabric.

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Pricing starts at: $36.99
Self Warming Pet Cot

Pricing starts at: $36.99
Self-warming material transfers body heat back to pet Can hold up to 150 pounds Comes with a 1 year manufacturer's warranty

Self-Warming Pet Cot