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PetSafe Smart Door 2 inch Tunnel Extension

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PetSafe Smart Door 2" Tunnel Extension

The PetSafe 2" Tunnel Extension is NOT designed to used alone with the Smart Door. You will need the basic tunnel kit. These extensions are used in addition to the base kit to provide additional 2" extensions for thicker walls beyond 7" thick.

Large PetSafe Electronic Wall Model:
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Important Note: When this door is used in a wall, the flap is on the interior, the tunnel is open to the outside and is not protected from weather. We advise you make extra efforts to weatherize the interior tunnel.

Usually ships within 24 hours

Each extension adds 2" to the base tunnel kit for the Large Smart Pet Door

PetSafe Smart Door 2 inch Tunnel Extension
Used with Large Wall Kit
For Walls thicker than 7"