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PetSafe Small Replacement Flap PAC11-11037

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PetSafe Small Replacement Flap | PAC11-11037

Fits Freedom Aluminum Doors | Plastic Doors | Extreme Weather Doors | Freedom Patio Panels

Entire flap measurement: 5 1/8"w x 8 7/8"h
As measured in pet door: 5"w x 8"h

Petsafe uses the PAC11 Series of flaps for 4 different models of pet doors, Freedom Pet Door, PetSafe Plastic Door, Extreme Weather Pet Door & Freedom Panels. The flap is has a slight dark tint and has holes at the top of the flap for screw attachment. There is a magnetic strip that runs along the entire bottom of the flap.

Note: If ordering replacement flaps for the Extreme Weather Dual Flap door, you will need to order 2-flaps. The dual flaps on this model are identical for the exterior and interior flaps.

PetSafe PAC11-11037 replacement flap

How to Replace the PAC Series Flaps

Flap Replacement Sequence PAC Series PetSafe Flaps

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Fits Several PetSafe Models
5"w x 8"h

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PetSafe Small Replacement Flap