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Pet Pass Thru

$59.99 - $71.99
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Pet Pass Thru

Fits Interior Doors 1 1/4" to 2" thick

Indoor Pet Door for Cats | Interior Cat Door

Pet Pass Thru Pet Door by Security Boss Introducing the new Pet Pass Thru. This interior door pet portal is designed for use indoors and can be used by cats and small dogs. Very convenient for access to the litter box you keep out of site in the closet or downstairs. No longer do you need to keep the door open to let your cat or dog roam free in the house!

The Pet Pass Thru by Security Boss comes in two sizes and models that have a flap and without. Each model is constructed with a low profile aluminum frame and machined mitered corners.

Perfectly sized to accommodate cats and small breed dogs.

Two Models - Two Sizes
Model with Flap
Used to contain odors as well a provide temperature barrier between rooms
Model without Flap
Provides unhindered access between rooms or through door to basement

Pet Pass Thru Pet Door by Security Boss Pet Pass Thru Pet Door by Security Boss


Pet Pass Thru Pet Door by Security Boss


Pet Pass Thru

Designed for use on interior doors
Rough Cut
6"w x 7.5"h
7"w x 9"h
7"w x 9"h
10"w x 12"h

You can choose your model with or without flap.

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For Interior Doors
Aluminum Frame
2 Sizes
Doors: 1 1/4" - 2"
$59.99 - $71.99
3 Star Rated Pet Door

Security Boss

Pricing starts at: $59.99

Pet Pass Thru