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Security Boss Pet Screen Door In Sliding Screen Door

Security Boss Universal Pet Screen Door

Pet Door for Sliding Screen Doors

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The Security Boss Pet Screen door is designed for use with any type of pet. There are 4 sizes to choose from. This screen pet door is made with a rugged frame that houses internal magnets that assist in it maintaining it in the closed position.

A heavy density pile brush material also ensure that the pet opening will provide a bug proof seal. Components for this door are easily maintained so that you will never have to replace it. The structural frame is covered with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

'Best by Design' Features

1. Bug Proof seal - The swinging flap is lined with heavy density brush pile so that there are no gaps. This brush pile is replaceable, so you will always have that new door performance.

Security Boss uses Super Screen  - The screen that lasts 2. Internal Magnets - The swinging flap has internal magnets at the base of the flap, this allows the pile brush to COMPLETELY line the swinging door, no gaps, no bugs.

3. Internal Pivot Pins - The swinging door has smooth action pivot pins and bushings so that you have a smooth, quiet action door.

4. Heavy Duty Frame - No plastic anywhere....the frame of is made to last, never crack, or warp that often happens with plastic or vinyl models when exposed to high temperatures or direct sunlight. Our aluminum frame also has an elegant powder coated paint finish for years of abuse and is covered by a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

5. Pet Super Screen - Security Boss uses Textilene Super Pet Screen, this screen material is tough and made to be resistant to clawing, scratches and tearing. If in time this needs replacing, you can do so easily and with very little cost.

6. Universal Mounting - The Pet Screen Door features a Universal Mounting bracket that will fit any sliding door frame, whatever the thickness.

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Made in USA

Security Boss
Pet Screen Doors

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7" x 9"
10 3/4" x 12 13/16"

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11" x 16"
14 11/16" x 19 3/4"

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Extra Large
15" x 24"
18 3/4" x 27 3/4"

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Tall Extra Large
14" x 27"
17 3/4" x 30 3/4"

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Security Boss uses Super Screen  - The screen that lasts