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Security Boss Insulated Guillotine Dog KennelDoors

Premium Insulated
Guillotine Dog Kennel Doors | Security Boss

[photo] Security Boss Premium Insulated Guillotine Dog Kennel Doors

Security Boss Premium Insulated Guillotine Dog Kennel Door

Premium Insulated Guillotine Kennel Dog Doors

The Security Boss Premium Insulated Kennel Doors are designed to give the customer the most options with their purchase of a guillotine dog kennel door. These insulated kennel doors are designed to provide maximum insulation in rugged and abusive environments. The unique 1/2" thick layered design construction of the Insulated Kennel Door allow for material contraction and expansion in even the most harsh weather environments. These free-floating layers are securely held together with specially designed rivets. So when the interior of your kennel is warm and there are sub-zero temperatures outside, these doors will operate efficiently and smoothly providing you with maximum energy efficiency.

What Customers are Saying About their Security Boss Insulated Doors

"Since installing our new insulated doors we have noticed it is easier to maintain a constant temperature in facility along with savings in heating & cooling bills. Our old doors had gaps between the doors and the walls which made for constant energy loss and drafts".

"The new Security Boss Doors are much more substantial than our previous kennel doors, which didn't close well or easily because they were so lightweight. These new doors are easier to open - close and look much better!"

"The doors we had before were translucent, this created a problem with dogs noticing movement outside and created subsequent chewing and destructive behavior, the Security Boss Insulated doors are truly heavy duty and solid, alleviating the problems we previously had".
Security Boss Insulated Door Design

Premium Insulation and Strength.
The Insulated Panel is designed with air-cell chambers to provide an insulating barrier, saving you on energy costs. This air-cell layer is re-enforced with aluminum sheeting on both sides and then layered with tough ABS plastic on the interior and exterior. These floating layers secured by specially designed rivets allow for material expansion and contraction to reduce warping in temperature extremes.

Top Cap for Premium Insulated Kennel DoorsFloor Cap for Premium Insulated Kennel Doors

Top & Bottom Reinforcement
Doors come standard with heavy duty aluminum reinforcing protective caps for top and bottom of door.

Security Boss Heavy Duty Guillotine Kennel Door Side Rails
Side Rails - Most durable and thickest extrusion compared to any other kennel door.

The unique design of the side channels means that our rails will not bend, warp or disfigure as found with other brands using cheaper and thinner rail extrusions. Our Rails are indestructible. They can be used for the Security Boss Premium Insulated Doors, Security Boss Standard, Kennel Clad Metal Insulated and Kennel Clad Metal Standard.

Close up of adjustment slots on Kennel Door Rails

The adjusting slots are wider than other brands
: this means Security Boss Kennel Doors are easier to install and allow more forgiveness in positioning the side rails to acquire the proper glide for the panel.

Guillotine Kennel Door Hardware Kit
Each Kennel Door comes with complete mounting hardware:

2- Screw in hook-pulley assemblies
6- All purpose side rail screws and mollies (for wood, block or concrete walls)
2- Cable clamps
15 Ft. high strength, 7x7 stainless steel aircraft cable coated in durable black PVC (480lb. test)
1- "S" hook

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Included hardware
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Security Boss Guillotine Insulated Dog Kennel Doors

Made in USA

Maximum Opening in Wall
(This dimension is the maximum size opening that each corresponding
Kennel Door will cover, allowing for installed side channels).

Insulated Panel Doors

12" wide x 29" height

$160 /
per door
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17" wide x 29" height

/ per door
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Extra Large
17" wide x 34" height

/ per door
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