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MaxSeal Security Panels

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MaxSeal Security Panels

Replacement Panels for Standard sized MaxSeals

Security Boss Privacy Flaps for MaxSeal Pet Doors

The MaxSeal Security Panel is a replaceable item. They are available in both black and white color options. Each Security Panel includes the designer handle hardware and Security Boss Logo.

Security Panels are ordered based on the direction that they load or slide into the MaxSeal door. Most models will load from the top, but some customers may have ordered their doors to have a left or right side load based on the configuration of their home. When ordering a replacement panel, please select both the color you would like along with the direction of the load. This direction is always reference as you look at the pet door from inside the home.

Note: Black Security Panels are fabricated so that the interior is black and the exterior side is white. This is done so that the Security Panel will reflect sunlight and heat rather than absorb the sunlight.

MaxSeal Security Panels

MaxSeal Standard Sizes
Flap Sizes
Security Panel Prices
6"x 7 1/2"

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Small / Medium
7"x 9"

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9" x 12"

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11" x 16"

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11" x 20"

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Tall Grand
11" x 25"

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XL Grand
12" x 24"

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Wide Tall
15" x 20"

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15" x 24"

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15 3/4" x 32"

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