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MaxSeal Privacy Flaps

Privacy Flaps

MaxSeal Pet Door Accessory Flap

Security Boss Privacy Flaps for MaxSeal Pet Doors

Privacy Flaps are an optional accessory for MaxSeal dual flap pet door models. This flap is solid black, blocking any view that might be taken from outside. Privacy Flaps are popular for MaxSeal customers in residential neighborhoods where the resulting location of a dog door might be within a neighbor's line of sight.

Security Boss Privacy Flaps are made with the same high quality material as their standard high performance flaps. They are designed to be mounted on the interior side of your pet door only. They are attached in the same manner and you can expect them to perform and last comparably to standard MaxSeal Flaps.

Note: Privacy Flaps are made to replace the INTERIOR flap of a dual flap MaxSeal only.