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Ideal flexible Side Sliding Window Inserts

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Ideal Flexible Flap Side Sliding Window Inserts
Custom Made Window unit for Side Slide Windows

Flexible Flap Inserts for Side Sliding Windows

The Ideal Flexible Flap Side Sliding Window Insert is just like a patio insert for sliding glass doors; but made shorter for vertical windows. The top of the unit is spring loaded to give you a 2.5" adjustment range for easy fitting and removal. A locking pin is included that you may install on the frame of your sliding window. Most customers use a small stick behind the window in the track instead as they do not wish to install any hardware. All weather stripping is included as well as a bug protector (draftstopper) that is installed to cove the gap created when the window insert is installed.

Note: If your measurement is within a 1/2" of the bottom of an adjustment range (in chart below), then you will want to call us to place your order so we can make an alteration to the unit for proper fitting.

You may want to consider a pet ramp or stairs for your window insert if the height from the floor surface seems a bit dangerous for your pet. These ramps are an excellent solution to those types of problems and come in a wide variety of shapes, colors, and sizes. For a complete selection of quality, furniture grade ramps please see our
Pet Ramps.

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Ideal Flexible Flap
Side Sliding Window Insert

Ideal Flexible Flap Side Sliding Window Insert are custom made to the the selected height to fit your window. Fabrication time generally runs 3-5 business days, they ship via UPS.

Height options are available on Check Out page

Ideal Side Sliding Window Unit
Pet Door
Used in Unit

[photo] Pet Door used in the flexible side sliding window unit

Flap has a metal strip
along the bottom that
aligns with magnets
in frame. Locking slide in Security Panel included.

Note: Pet Door frame & Locking panel color will match selected panel color.
Pet Opening
Pet Flap Size
5" x 7"

Panel width - 9"

cats up to 14 lbs.
very small dogs up to 10 lbs.

Order Page

Starts at $198.00

Pet Flap Size
7" x 11 1/4"

Panel width - 11"

Pets up to 25 lbs.

Order Page

Starts at $198.00

Extra Large
Pet Flap Size
10.5" x 15"
Panel width - 14 1/2"

Pets up to 45 lbs.

Order Page

Starts at $225.50

Super Large
Pet Flap Size
15" x 20"
Panel width - 19"

Pets up to 120 lbs.

Order Page

Starts at $236.50

View of Top Section Spec Info
View of Bottom Section Spec Info
[photo] Ideal Side Sliding Window Insert top Section
The top spring-loaded adjusting section of the Side Sliding Window pet door appears as an "H" piece when viewed from the side. The overall width of this piece is 13/16" (Will fit into most any sliding window track).

The spring-loaded adjustment provides for a 2 1/2" range for proper fitting into your opening. Most top tracks in sliding windows do not have any center rails, however, if you do have this feature then the top section can straddle any rail at the top 5/8" wide or narrower.

The spring-loaded top is secured with 2 thumbscrew locks, accessible from inside the house only, someone from the exterior of the house would not be able to compress or remove the unit.
[photo] Ideal Side Sliding Window Insert bottom Section

The bottom section of the Side Sliding Window Pet Door has an overall width of 5/8". A semi-circle, "C" channel is centered and runs the length of the bottom. This "C" channel is design to straddle the center rail in the channel on the bottom of the sliding window track.

By straddling this center rail, the Side Sliding Window Pet Door will remain centered to the frame of your sliding window when closed to this unit.

Note: If the center rail in the channel on the bottom is wider than 5/16", then this patio Insert will not be able to straddle it and as a result may not fit properly in your opening.

Double Check overall channel widths also to ensure proper fitting - must be at least 13/16" at the top and at least 5/8" wide in bottom and side channels.


Replacement Flaps

Weight recommendations are provided by manufacturer
Moore Pet Supplies recommends you consider the stature of your pet as well when selecting a size.
Weight recommendations do not guarantee proper fitting