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Pet Feeders

You could say that the way to a cat's or dog's heart is through their stomach, which is precisely why feeders are so important. These devices ensure that your pets always stay fed and are able to get food whenever they need it. In many cases, they also feature water bowls to help keep your pets hydrated.

At Moore Pet Supply, we're always on the lookout for new ways to keep our pets happy and healthy so we invite you to check out all of the different feeder designs we've come across.

Pet Bowls Feeders and Waterers

At their most basic, feeders are nothing more than very well made pet bowls, and in many cases pet owners don't need anything more than that. If you have a pet with a great appetite who always eats at the same time, then you might want to try something simple like the raised single Baron diner. Since it's higher than the floor around it, it's an excellent choice for those with larger dogs. There's a mesh triple bowl diner available as well, for those who need three separate bowls.

Since these designs integrate bowls made from stainless steel, they're relatively easy to clean and they resist corrosion. These are both important considerations when dealing with pets who might get a little enthusiastic around feeding time and make a mess.

Electronic Pet Feeders

Those who want to make sure that their animals are always able to get food no matter what time of the day it is might want to try an automatic dog feeder instead. Cat Mate also makes an automatic feeder system for our feline friends as well.

By using an automatic design, you can be sure that your pet is getting dispensed food whenever necessary. In some cases it can take a few tries for animals to get used to the concept, but once they do they have a tendency to fall in love with it quickly. Pet owners naturally love these devices for the convenience as well as the peace of mind they get from knowing that their animals are always being taken care of.

Take a few moments to measure your pet's current food bowl and consider whether or not a higher option would be better. In most cases, this is really all that you need to know in order to figure out what size feeder you need. You may want to invest in several different sizes if you have more than one dog or cat and are opting for an automatic style.

Feeders for All Types of Animals

You might have a smaller or larger pet that necessitates a certain type of feeder. Some pet owners might have other special needs, especially as far as the height of bowls or the amount of food goes. No matter what your specific concerns are, you can contact us online today and our experts will do their best to help you find the kind of feeder equipment that will help your pet the most.