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MagnaFlap Pet Door

$49.99 - $71.99
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MagnaFlap Pet Doors

Rigid Polycarbonate Hinged Door Design

Low Cost Kennel Door Option

Exterior Hinged Flap Design - No frame

MagnaFlap Kennel Doors

The MagnaFlap is an easy-to-install pet door made from 3/16" poly-carbonate and stainless steel hinges. The poly-carbonate is tinted, reducing glare, and pre-drilled holes and colored mounting screws streamline installation. The door is designed with a 55 degree angle jutting out from the bottom of the flap, which both long and short nosed pets can be trained to open.

The Small and Medium sizes feature two hinges, while the Large sports 3 to ensure durability. The stainless steel hinges paired with the the poly-carbonate flap ensure the door will not rust or corrode. The MagnaFlap is a great utility door for kennels, dog runs, dog houses, and out buildings.

Hard-rigid Polypropylene flap
Stainless steel hinges won't rust or corrode
Flaps are replaceable
3 different sizes
Comes with pre-drilled holes and screws

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MagnaFlap Kennel Doors

Exterior Frame with Flap Design - No interior frame
Pet Opening


10 1/2"w x 10 1/2"h


12 1/2"w x 12 1/2"h


14 1/2"w x 20"h


These doors are not "self-framing" so when they are mounted in doors or walls, the customer must fabricate the cut through the door or create the "tunnel" when going through a wall.

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Plastic Rigid Door
Cost Effective Kennel Door
3 Sizes
Doors: Single Frame Design
$49.99 - $71.99
2 Star Rated Pet Door

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