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Luna TurnKey Gate

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Luna TurnKey Gate

Hardware Mounted Metal Gate with LED Light

This Luna TurnKey Gate is hardware mounted gate that fits openings from 30" to 40.5". This gate has two unique features that set it apart from other hardware mounted gates - a motion activated LED light for use at night, and TurnKey Mounts for easy installation.

This gate's award winning design with motion activated LED light makes this gate perfect for use at night or in dark areas. It also utilizes an innovative TurnKey Mount system that allows for quick and easy installation.

This gate has an easy to close door that can be set to swing in both directions, or locked to only swing in one direction. This gates uniquely modern design with hidden welds gives it an aesthetic appeal that makes this a customer favorite.

Note: The manufacturer of this gate advertises this gate as a stairway gate; however, due to the bar across the bottom of the gate, Moore Pet Supplies does not reccomend this gate for use at the top of stairs as it could be a tripping hazzard.

Gate Dimensions and Features
(Base Unit)
Bar Spacing
2 1/4"

Recommended Use:
Halls, Door Ways, & Entryways

Note: There are no additional extensions available for this gate model


Extension Options for the Metal Easy Close Gate
30 to 32.5"
No Extensions Needed
32.5 to 35.25"
use 1 - 2.75" extension (included)
35.25 to 38"
use 1- 5.5" extension (included)
38 to 40.75"
use 1- 2.75" extensions (included) + use 1- 5.5" extension (included)
40.75 to 43.5"
Purchase one 11" extension
43.5 to 46.25"
use 1- 2.75" extensions (included) + Purchase one 11" extension
46.25 to 49"
use 1- 5.5" extensions (included) + Purchase one 11" extension
49 to 51.75"
use 1- 2.75" extensions (included) + use 1- 5.5" extension (included) + Purchase one 11" extension
51.75 to 54.5"
Purchase two 11" extensions
You must always add narrower extensions first, followed by wider extensions to desired width.
Extensions for the Swing Closed Security Gate
Click here for TurnKey 2.75" Gate Extension Click here for TurnKey 5.5" Gate Extension Click here for TurnKey 11" Gate Extension

JPMA Certified Product
Gate is JPMA certified & adheres
to the guidelines as set forth by the JPMA
& the Consumer Products Safety Commission.

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Hardware Mounted Model
29" high
Fits 30"-40.5"

Moore Pet Supplies
Hardware mounted design for easy use Spans openings from 30" to 40.5" Gate height is 29" Durable metal construction 1 Year Manufacturers Warranty 16% Restock Fee

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luna TurnKey Gate