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Leather K9 Harness - Large/Medium Breeds

$75.00 - $250.25
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Leather K9 Harness

For Large/Medium Breeds | Attack Training & Walking

Manufactured of quality 100% full grain genuine leather, the Leather K9 Harness features felt padding on the chest plate and neck straps ensures your pet will be comfortable wearing this harness. Easily remove or attach this harness with included easy quick release buckles. Customers looking for greater control or a more stylish look can add an optional control handle or brass fittings. With four harness size options to choose from, this harness is available in brown or black leather.

This Leather harness is designed for attack and protection training, obedience and agitation training, along with off leash and safe walking training.

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Pricing Starts at: $75.00
Leather Muzzle

Pricing starts at: $75.00
Recommended for attack, protection, obedience, off leash, and agitation training Constructed of 100% full grain leather Reinforced & padded for pet comfort Optional Control Handle and brass fittings Available in Brown or Black Four Sizes: Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large

Leather K9 Harness | Large/Medium Breeds