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Keyed Patio Door Lock

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Keyed Patio Door Lock
For Use with Patio Doors and Side Sliding Windows

The Keyed Patio Door Lock is designed to offer a simple method for locking your patio insert or side sliding window in place. This lock functions in the same manner as a standard deadbolt lock - by turning the key a slide bolt is moved into position and keeps your insert from moving. The lock is easy to install and requires only a Phillips screwdriver and a drill with 1/8" and 3/8" bits.


Keyed Patio Door Lock Detail


Installation Instructions for the Keyed Patio Door Lock:

1. Close and lock patio door. Unlock the lock with key and pull bottom section of housing down and away from the lock body. This will expose the slide bolt and two screw holes (concealed when unit is locked).

2. Place lock on top back edge of inside sliding door and position as close to the upper track flange as possible.

3. Mark all three screw hole locations and drill through one metal surface using a 1/8" bit. Secure the top screw only and ensure the lock body is vertical to the door.

4. Lift the lower housing until the slide bolt makes contact with upper track. Mark and drill with a 3/8" drill bit.

5. Install and secure all remaining screws.
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Works with any patio door or side sliding window Locks unit into place using a slide bolt Easy to install (instructions included) Screws and two keys included with purchase Phillips screwdriver, drill, 1/8" bit, and 3/8" bit required (sold separately)

Keyed Patio Door Lock
(Locked position)