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KatKabin DezRez

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KatKabin DezRez
The Desirable Residence

Give your cat the freedom he deserves with the KatKabin DezRez outdoor cat house. You'll no longer have to worry about whether or not your kitty is safe while he is prowling the night. With the KatKabin DezRez, you're cat will enjoy all of the comfort and safety that he is used to indoors while still being able to roam the neighborhood.


This luxurious outdoor cat house provides a warm and cozy insulated den for napping, stretching, and relaxing. Constructed with high grade, fade-resistant plastic, the KatKabin DezRez is built to last. Fixing holes located on the four feet of this cat house allow for it to be permanently installed onto a deck or driveway. The uniquely designed oval shape allows for air to circulate inside as warm air isn't trapped at the top. Ventilation holes in the rear also help to keep the air moving. The removable KatFlap door will keep any harsh weather conditions from disturbing your kitty while he's catching a cat nap. The KatKabin DezRez is available in your choice of five colors.


KatKabin DezRez Available Colors
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KatKabin by Brinsea
Ideal for outdoor cats Constructed with high grade, fade-resistant plastic Insulating cushion Shape allows for maximum air flow Rear vents also help with air circulation Fixing holes on each of the four feet KatFlap door is removable Available in five colors

KatKabin DezRez