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Ideal Ruff Weather Wall Kit - Medium

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Ruff Weather Wall Kit- Medium

For Use with Following Products:
Ruff Weather -Medium
Protector Series Ruff Weather - Medium
Fits Wall from 4 3/4" to 7 1/4" thick

The Ruff Weather wall kit is designed to work with both the Ruff Weather doors and the Protector Series Ruff Weather Pet Doors. You can install these models into walls when the Wall Kit is used. This wall kit snaps together and is held in place by the two frames of the door mount pet door. The pet door frames will sleeve / compress together to accommodate any wall thickness between 4 3/4" to 7 1/4".

Special Note:You will need to weatherize | caulk the seams in the tunnel to help prevent moisture inside the tunnel. These wall kits will only work with walls up to 7 1/4" thick. Homes that utilize 2x6 stud construction (Newer homes) may find that this tunnel is not long enough to reach through the wall.

Sequence showing the fabrication of Wall Kit

Fits the "Medium" Ruff Weather Pet Door (7 1/4 x 13")
Fits the "Medium" Protector Series Pet Door ( 7 1/4 x 13")

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Ideal Ruff Weather Wall Kit - Medium