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Hammock Style Seat Protector

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Hammock Style Seat Protector

Universally Fitting | Waterproof & Micro-Suede Models

Hammock Style Seat Protector The Hammock Style Seat Protector is simple but brilliant in design. Not only does it provide great protection of your car seats, but also minimizes the dirt, hair and grime that falls in-between the seats and on the floor. The sweeping coverage of the Hammock design simply loops over the headrest of the front seats and the headrest of the back seat. That is about as simple as it gets!

2 - Models
56" x 59"
Micro-Suede Quilted
56" x 57"
Universally fits all vehicles

There are even two cargo pouches that are handle to store a favorite toy or a couple of extra leashes for collars, that way they are always there and ready for some traveling fun with your dog!

Note: This product carries a One-Year warranty from defects in workmanship from the date of purchase. Units are machine washable and treated with Stain-Blok.

Waterproof Hammock Style seat pet protector Micro-Suede Quilted Hammock Style seat pet protector
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Hammock Style Rear Seat Protector
Fits all vehicles that have a headrest