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Green Paw Concentrate Hose Sprayer (32oz) - 2-PACK

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Green Paw Pet Door Cleaner is a 100% Organic cleaner that uses only naturally derived ingredients. It is Non-Toxic, Cruelty-Free, and guaranteed to break down the dirt and grime build-up on your pet door. 

Almost every household, commercial or namebrand cleaning product you own or use contains chemicals that "cut" through natural oil's and dry out surfaces. If used on your pet door, kennel doors or really any surface you care about, these household cleaners can cause Pet Door Components as well as most other items or surfaces to dry out, become discolored and break down.

Green Paw Pet Door Cleaner:
- 100% Organic & Non-Toxic
- Can be used on the entire pet door
- Naturally restores pet door flaps and frame
- Prevents flaps from cracking, yellowing or warping
- The only recommended cleaner for all pet doors