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Extra Staywell 861 Infrared Collar Tags

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Staywell Infrared Collar Tags

For the 861 Infrared Dog Door

The Staywell Infrared Collar Tags consist of a small circuit chip and battery. The collar tags are water resistant but not water proof. Submersion in water will cause the tags to malfunction. Each collar tag must be programmed to the dog door that it will be associated with. Programming instructions are included with your 861 Infrared Dog Door.

These doors are color coded to fit one color and all tags using that door must be of the same color.

Availability: In the past there were many colored tags made by Staywell. Currently only black, red and yellow are available. If you have older tags of a different color, these tags will work just as effectively, they will need to programmed to your existing door before use.

The Staywell model pet doors and accessories are owned by PetSafe (Radio Systems).

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Light weight. Easy to install on most pet collars. Long lasting batteries.
Extra Staywell 861 Infrared Collar Tags
(The white color tags are no longer available)