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Pet Doors Custom Made To Any Size

Dog And Cat Doors For Any Door Or Wall

Give your pet the liberty of coming in and out of your home. Custom made pet doors, for walls and doors provided to you by Moore Pet Supplies. With Custom Made Pet Doors, pets will be able to do their business outside of the house, saving you the discomfort of having your valuables peed on, or worse. Most pets get anxious when separated by their owners, making them act out and take it out on your pillows or furniture. Avoid any unpleasant surprises and get a custom made pet door today!

By having a custom made pet door for your furry friend you will guarantee your pet’s happiness and overall well being, especially if you’re not home during most of the day due to work or social outings.

Custom Doggie Doors

Custom doors generally are made for two different reasons: to fit an existing opening in a door or a wall or to certain size specifications, such as the opening being a certain size for a unique situation (Giant breeds, dogs with mobility issues, etc.).

At Moore Pet Supplies, we are specialized in selling high-quality custom made pet doors to connect your pet with the outside world to allow them to freely explore, play, and meet their needs.

Important Note: When having a door made to a rough cut opening in a wall; it is recommended that your hole in the wall is a minimum of 1/8″ larger than the rough cut dimension chosen for the custom door.

Uses for Custom Made Doors:
  • Large pets
  • Pets with wheelchairs
  • Pets with obesity

Custom make a pet door with your specific dimensions and specifications in order to achieve functionality and your desired form. Your pet will appreciate you!

Replacing Discontinued Brands or Pet Door Models

Very often we hear from customers that are looking for replacement parts of doors that have been discontinued by the manufacturer. PetSafe is one of the most guilty players in this particular scenario. They have for years either bought up companies only to change existing models and discontinue the older versions or simply outright stop manufacturing a model that has experienced a wide market share for years.

In these situations, they decide not to maintain the parts or replacement components so that their customers can keep their products. This forces customers to buy a different pet door that will not fit their existing rough cut or hole dimensions or choose at that time to step up the quality of their pet door to a Custom Made unit offered by Security Boss.

Pet Door for Older Dogs or Pets with Mobility Issues

Any of us that have had larger dogs know that in their elder years, their mobility can be severely hampered by arthritis or physiological conditions that result in the use of a typical dog door to be very difficult. A Custom Made Dog Door is a great solution, you can custom make a pet door wide enough for a dog wheelchair to pass through. Security Boss offers built to order units for both walls and doors that are extra tall or extra wide depending on the need of their customer. These pet doors are built to the most exacting quality standards and carry a limited lifetime warranty. All components are designed to be maintained forever, so there is never a need to replace your door in the future.

A custom dog door built to fit any dimension or specification. Insulated dual flap dog doors or single flap models available. Built to fit any flap, frame, or rough cut. These custom dog doors can fit any door 1 1/4″ to 2″ and any wall 2″ to 10″ (16″ available upon request). Custom Dimension Pet Doors with Fast Shipping.

At Moore Pet Supplies, we pride ourselves in offering durable and high-quality pet doors that will last you a lifetime. If you have any questions or comments don’t hesitate to contact us.