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D&T Simplicity Collar

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D&T Simplicity Collar

By Dean & Tyler


Dean and Tyler's D&T Simplicity Collar features a thick double-ply leather strap with an over sized solid brass buckle for attaching leashes or chains. The decoration is the only aspect that is simple about this collar. This collar is a great option for brawny dogs due to the double-ply leather strap. This collar is available in lengths of 18" to 40" and measures 1 3/4" wide overall. There are 2 color options available black and brown.


Simplicity is a leather agitation collar made with thick double-ply leather.

Not exclusively for agitation training, Simplicity can be used as a regular, heavy-duty collar by large breed non-Working K9s; pet owners with Great Danes, Mastiffs, Cane Corsos, Pitbulls, etc... also use this collar.

Agitation Collars are designed to not agitate a dog while engaging in bite work and protection training as opposed to prong, choke or thinner leather collars.

The wide, flat leather is comfortable enough to allow the dog in training to pull without too much pressure on the neck. If no pressure is wanted on the dog's throat, please consider an Agitation Harness instead.

simplicity collar

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D&T Simplicity Collar