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D&T Leather Martingale Collar

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D&T Leather Martingale Collar

By Dean & Tyler


Dean and Tyler's D&T Leather Martingale Collar is a great choice for pets who like to slip out of their collar. This Leather Martingale Collar will be the solution to your problem. When a dog pulls on the Martingale Collar the collar becomes tighter, but stops at a point to prevent injury. This choke collar features Herm Sprenger hardware with high quality leather and stainless steel rings. This collar is available in lengths of 14" to 38" and measures 3/4" wide (chain thickness measures 1/6"). There are two color options available black and brown.

When a dog pulls in a leather martingale dog collar, the collar becomes tighter, but stops at a point - unlike a choke collar.

The slack is the steel chain's length. The length of the high quality leather strap on this martingale collar is adjustable.

We recommend dogs with white fur use other collars with a chain made from Stainless Steel; the Chrome Plated Steel can oxidize and stain their white coat.

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  • Length: 14" - 38"; Adjustable within selected size range.
  • Width: ¾" wide leather, 1/6 inch thick chain
  • Colors: Black, Brown
  • Full-grain leather martingale dog collar
  • Adjustable Leather Martingale Collar with Buckle & Chain
  • Chrome Plated Steel Sprenger Hardware

D&T Leather Martingale Collar