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Dog Bed Training

Here are some steps you can take to help make the transition to the dog bed more pleasurable and easier. Most professional trainers like to go by a four-step process. Be sure to choose a location separate from the family common space and free of any vents. The most important aspect of teaching your dog with this training as well as anything else is patience.

Step 1
Prepare the dog bed for introduction to your pet. A good place to start is your scent and the families scent. Literally rubbing your hands all over the bed will familiarize the dog with it. New smells can distract the pet, and transferring your scent from you to the bed further tells the dog that it's okay to use this. It let's them know it's safe, comfortable and isn't such a foreign object.

Step 2
Lead your dog to their bed and place their favorite toy(s) in the bed. This further promotes them to use it. If they choose not to use it, do not be discouraged. Reward the do with praise and pet their head. Let them know it's okay with whatever they do. Eventually they will end up using the bed.

Step 3
Repeat Step 2, if your dog continuously refuses the bed; try gently putting them in place on top of the bed. Indicate that this is a place for sleeping. If he still refuses do not force him to use it. Rather reward his effort in understanding.

Step 4
Repeat Step 2 and 3 and at this time firmly but affectionately let them know to lay down. A good way to do this is to lightly press on their hind quarters while on the dog bed. Don't scold or act aggressive, but rather praise them throughout the process. Once he lays down wait a few minutes and quietly walk away. He may or may not remain, but in either case reward him.