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Adjustable Vehicle Barrier

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Adjustable Vehicle Barrier for Dogs

Dog Barrier for SUVs | Mini Vans | Station Wagons | Sport Wagons

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Adjustable Vehicle Barrier If you travel with a dog in your vehicle, having a pet barrier is highly recommended. If you are in a accident situation or need to make sudden stop, your pet can become flying danger to the vehicles occupants. Vehicle Barriers not only protect your passengers but also the pet.

4 Bar Model
Widths 34 - 65"
Heights 30 - 46"
6 Bar Model
Widths 34 - 65"
Heights 30 - 55"

The Adjustable Vehicle Barrier comes in 2 models with the option of adding an extension that increases the height of your chosen unit by 9". These barriers have suction cup points that provide a damage resistant mounting surface in your car or SUV. The barrier is held in place by tension adjustment, so there is no hardware mounting or alteration required. You can easily install or remove with ease depending on the need you might have transporting your pets.

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Adjustable Vehicle Barrier
Bar design for SUVs, Minivans, Sport Wagons