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Wide Muzzle

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Wide Muzzle

Most Spacious Wire-Basket Muzzle | Padded Snout Area

One of the most spacious muzzles available, the Wide Muzzle is a wire basket muzzle that allows dogs to open their mouths 2 to 3 inches wide, allowing them to pant and drink water freely. Natural heavy felt and padding is featured around the snout area and the Wide Muzzle is designed to be secured with only one head strap. Purchasing a properly sized muzzle is extremely important for your pets health and safety.

Muzzle Measuring Chart
Freedom Muzzle Measuring Diagram

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Leather Muzzle

Recommended for advanced K9 training Constructed of leather and steel Reinforced/Padded nose area Wire Basket design allows for optimal air flow

Wide Muzzle