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Vintage Classic Pet Bed with Logo

$50.99 - $64.99
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Vintage Classic Pet Bed

Economical Pet Bed with Logo

Product Specifications

Overall Unit Dimensions
28" L x 28" W
32" L x 48" W

Introducing the Vintage Classic Pet Bed with Logo. This economical bed has perfect color combinations paired with vintage logos to create a beautiful yet rugged look. A perfect offering that will look great in any home, this bed also has a removable and washable canvas duck cover. This bed has two sizes to choose from, and is available with either the Original K&H Logo or the Genuine K&H Logo (pictured in alternative views above). Comes with a 1 year manufacturers warranty.

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Pricing Starts at: $50.99
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Pricing starts at: $50.99
Vintage Look Choose from 2 logo options Long lasting washable canvas duck cover Available in 2 sizes 1 year warranty

Vintage Classic Pet Bed with Logo