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Standard Muzzle

$72.99 - $75.99
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Standard Muzzle

Classic Wire Basket | Maximum Air Ventilation

Available in thirty sizes, the Standard Muzzle is a classic wire basket muzzle that accommodates nearly every dog breed from small to large! Selecting the proper size muzzle for your dog is extremely crucial for your dogs safety and health. This Standard Muzzle features four adjustable straps and a padded nose area covered in natural high quality felt. Maximum air ventilation is ensured with the wire basket design as well as allowing your pet to pant and drink water at will.

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Pricing Starts at: $72.99
Leather Muzzle

Pricing starts at: $72.99
Recommended for advanced K9 training Constructed of leather and steel Reinforced/Padded nose area Wire Basket design allows for optimal air flow

Standard Muzzle