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Simply Clean Litter Box System

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Simply Clean Litter Box System

With the Simply Clean Litter Box System in your home, there will be no need to worry about unsightly messes or offensive odors coming from your cat's litter box. This automatic, self-cleaning litter box is friendly on both the environment and your wallet. There is no need to purchase additional accessories to maintain the Simply Clean litter box. Recycled grocery bags can be used to line the waste receptacle for a quick and easy cleanup. The whisper-quiet operation of this unit won't scare your cat, even while he's using it. There are no visible moving parts either, ensuring that your feline friend won't accidentally get his paw or tail caught. Your kitty will love having a litter box that is always fresh and ready, and it will no longer be dependent on your schedule!
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Environmentally and economically friendly Eliminates odors and unsightly messes No special bags required - can be used with recycled grocery bags Whisper-quiet operation Bowl rotates once per hour Continuously cleans without disturbing your cat Low-voltage AC adapter (included) eliminates the need for batteries

Simply Clean Litter Box System
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