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PetChatz HD

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PetChatz HD 2-Way Pet Camera

More Than a Pet Treat Cam - Perfect for High Anxiety Pets

Introducing the PetChatz, the most innovative way to stay in touch with your pets. Don't allow distance to be a factor in your ability to interact with your pet. The PetChatz allows you to connect with your pets away from home so you never have to miss your pet. Whenever a computer, tablet, or smartphone is at your disposal, so is a face to face with your companion.

Bring your pet joy with the ability for them to see your face and hear your voice, and show them love with the ability to feed them Treatz and emit soothing scents. Simply connect your PetChatz to your home WiFi network and you can have access from any smartphone or tablet with the PetChatz app, or from the web based program on your computer.

Designed with pet safety as a number one concern, this product sports a sleek, low profile design. This unit is chew resistant and only takes minutes to set up.

Paw Call

This small, sleek accessory for the PetChatz allows your pet to call you during scheduled call times. During these scheduled windows, a paw shaped light on the PawCall will begin to blink and your pet can press the button to initiate a 2-way call. This product connects to the PetChatz HD via Bluetooth for a seamless experience. Also features "Home Alone Enrichment" mode. When in this mode, the PawCall will engage your pet in custom light and touch puzzles that reward your pet with treats.

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Sleek, durable, pet safe design Special PetChatz ringtone to alert pet of your call HD, low-light camera Full-frequency audio system for robust sound High-resolution LCD screen Built-in microphone and speakers for two-way sound Sound detection + alerts Motion detection + alerts Scent dispense Treat dispense (over 100 treats inside) Treat level indicator Low treat volume notification Treat counter (to track number of treats given per day) Free, secure mobile and web app Simple set up and intuitive interface Pet training guide and video
IEEE 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi router with WPA/WPA2 security WPS Protected Setup supported High speed (broadband) internet access to support two-way video and sound Minimum 2 Mbps internet upload speed Compatible with iPhone: 5 or later and iPad. Optimized for iOS 8.1.1 or later Compatible with Android: Dual core with Android 4.1 or later (The application for Android devices is in development.) Computer with a webcam