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Liberator Pet Door Flap

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Liberator Flaps
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Liberator Pet Door Flap

Replacement Flap For Liberator Dog Doors

The Liberator Pet Door Flap features riveted strikeplates that connect to magnets embedded in the aluminum frame, creating a good weather seal. These flaps are simple to replace! Turn the thumsbcrews (along the top of the frame) counter-clockwise so they can be removed from the frame. Insert the new flap into the top channel and reinsert the thumbscrews turning them clockwise to tighten!

Contact American Dog Doors at 1-608-237-1858 for phone assistance 7 days a week!

Clean flaps with Green Paw Pet Cleaner™. Do NOT use chemicals as it can lead to discoloring, clouding, cracking, etc

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