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K&H Thermal Bowl

$45.99 - $55.99
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Thermal Bowl

The Thermal Bowl is an ideal solution for keeping your dog's water bowl from freezing. This heated dog bowl uses an internal thermostat to keep your dog's water at a drinkable temperature even in extremely cold, sub zero conditions. Simply plug the 5 1/2 foot steel wrapped cord into any outlet and the Thermal Bowl will keep your dog's water open all winter long. These bowls are rated at 25 watts for extremely low energy consumption. Available in either a 96 ounce (Blue) or 1.5 gallon size (White).

Thermal Bowl - 1.5 Gallon Size
The 1.5 gallon Thermal Bowl comes in White
(as shown above). The 96 oz. size will come in Blue
(as shown in the product picture at the top left).
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Moore Pet Supplies

Pricing starts at $45.99
96 ounce size is available in Blue. 1.5 gallon size is available in White Keeps water at a drinkable temperature in extreme conditions Recommended for outdoor use only (perfect for kennels) Steel wrapped cord to prevent abrasion Electronic components are sealed inside unit Rated at 25 watts for extremely low energy consumption One year limited warranty

K&H Thermal Bowl
(96 oz. size shown above)